Specialist Children’s Hospitals across the UK are working together with the Civil Eyes Research team in sharing a comparative analysis of performance and practice.

The project was initiated way back in 2006 when Great Ormond Street Hospital invited a group of hospitals set up a network with Civil Eyes Research to share information, practice and approaches to the provision of specialist children’s care. The selected subject areas are defined by the steering group and are covered in a series of multi-disciplinary workshops each year.

Civil Eyes Research uses a combination of published data from a variety of sources and selected clinical activity collected from participating hospitals. This data requires alignment and validation.

The CER analysis takes into account local service patterns, clinical governance and a number of key quality indicators.

Recent topics have included Long Term Ventilation, Pre-Assessment, Pharmacy, Theatres, Clinical Coding, Procurement, Workforce and Spinal Surgery.

The participating hospitals are committed to working together in a mutually beneficial way by:

  • Working collaboratively, the hospitals have the opportunity to understand why sister organisations operate differently.

  • Examining best practice and likely service trajectories enabling the group to explore opportunities in the context of each member hospitals. 

  • Addressing key questions such as: what lies behind the information? Why do we code differently? What can we learn from this example and can we apply it to our local situation?

The steering group meets each February to evaluate the work programme and consider further topics for subsequent workshops. Further information on the current work programme can be accessed by clicking here or through contacting Geoff Bick on email at

Civil Eyes Research works with a group of seventeen Specialist Children’s Hospital's across the UK. The purposes of the group are to benchmark information and share good practice and approaches to the provision of specialist children’s care.  

The membership of the network comprises the children’s hospitals in Birmingham, Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, The Evelina Hospital at Guy’s and St. Thomas’, Glasgow, Great Ormond Street, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Lothian, Manchester, Newcastle, Norfolk & Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Royal London, Sheffield and Southampton.

The project is managed by a steering group of all the participating hospitals which meets annually to agree a programme of work. The steering group meets every February to agree a series of workshops and studies. These are described in full on the members’ page.

The themes for 2015 included Medical Productivity, High Dependency care, Paediatric Radiology, a deep-dive study into outpatients within Paediatric Surgery & Urology and Paediatric Neurology, Paediatric Nephrology, the role and contribution of specialist nurses and AHPs, Performance management and Safeguarding.

The network started out ten years ago with an emphasis upon Data Quality, information sources and coding before embarking upon a series of clinical and staffing reviews covering a wide range of areas including Paediatric Surgery and Urology, Haematology / Oncology, Crohn’s Disease, Respiratory Medicine, Neurology and Nephrology.

Over the years, multi-disciplinary workshops have covered Emergency Admissions, Indicators of Quality, Specialist top-up payments, Outpatient activity, Paediatric Intensive Care, the use and allocation of Programmed Activities for Medical Staff and local tariff comparisons.

The network of Specialist Children’s Hospitals has spent time in building a series of databases covering Medical Consultant PAs, Nursing staff, allied health professionals and outpatient activity, each using a taxonomy developed by Civil Eyes Research in partnership with the specialist children’s hospitals.

Specific tailored reports at specialty level are also described on the members’ page.


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