John is Director of Consultancy in Civil Eyes Research. John manages the benchmarking programmes with teaching hospitals and the Specialist Children's Hospitals.

In addition, John's work has enabled Civil Eyes to work across health economies upon the future of specialities as diverse as Orthopaedics, Diabetology and Urology. At a time of great change for the clinical professions, John has been working with Medical Chambers, social enterprises, the independent sector and primary care to establish viable options for new models of care.

John believes that health professionals need ready access to robust and well-presented information. John was previously Executive Director at CHKS Ltd. John led the performance benchmarking networks, financial management programmes and the clinical indicators programme.  He also took the CHKS lead responsibility for working with the independent and voluntary sector. 

From 1986, John spent seven years as a Fellow in Health Management and Deputy Director at the King's Fund College seeking to promote the involvement of clinicians and GPs in management.  The use and validation of clinical information are major themes in John's portfolio of experiences.  Clinical activity measures are important for managers and clinicians alike and John has enjoyed working across the disciplines of the health service – seeing the importance of linking financial, clinical and patient data.

John was Chief Executive of CASPE Consulting Ltd. from 1993 until CHKS acquired CASPE in 1997 to form one of the largest specialist health groups in the UK.  John's work at CASPE included business planning and he has led teams for business cases in the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, Guy's and St Thomas' Trust, University Hospital Birmingham, Peterborough and Watford.

Over the years, John has worked extensively on the development of innovative practice and the management of change in health services.  He led the Health Mall implementation programme in London, developed new models of care for cancer patients in Birmingham, introduced accreditation into CASPE through the Hospital Accreditation Programme and also worked across the NHS on the implementation of Medical Admission units.

New models of healthcare provision inevitably mean changes in practice and new building configurations.  John has been involved in major PFI projects in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, West Middlesex Hospital, Norwich and Aberdeen.  John has a range of contacts within the NHS and independent sector.  Some of his recent work has involved BMI, Nuffield and BUPA as well as the first wave of ISTC contracts.

John launched the CHKS 40Top Hospital Programme in 1999 and the programme has become a major NHS award.  Whilst at the Fund and CASPE, John worked on a number of overseas projects included a learning network of Northern European hospital managers and clinicians, a chief executive development programme for American and British organisations, developing clinical directorates in Saudi Arabia and a hospital change programme in Kuwait.  He was a programme director for the Nordic School in Scandinavia for many years and was a tutor on the national general management scheme at the King's Fund.

John has a first degree in History from King's College in London and subsequently he obtained a Masters degree in Manpower Studies from the University of Westminster Business School.